Pay for click banner ad campaign

Nowadays, we can notice there are banners all over internet, mainly placed on high traffic websites or Social Media Platforms.

Their main task is to generate traffic to official website. There are 3 advantages of this method that explain why advertisers tend to use it and they are spreading brand awarness, leading generator and retargeting audience. Banners effectivness can be easily measured using CTR (click-through rate), based on Bannersnack (2017)

This is my first example of banner ad,simply presents advertising of sale. It is also followed by social media icons and my official  websiteURL.The picture is showing a happy child that is sending message that is happy about certain discount and so should other people . Target audience is directly pointed to kids and younger generations. This banner is in Facebook banner format,therefore you can see it on Croalicious Facebook page.

Banner 1

Second banner presents anouncement of upcoming new products for my online shop. While there is not a brand name on the banner, this banner would be posted only on Instagram where costumers would clearly know what brand it is about. The banner consists of social media icons, official website URL and approprite background.

banner 2

Last example of banner ads for this campaign would be this poster format banner. It presents a 50% discount on chocolate assortment with using certain code. It is providing information about day when the discount will be available.

banner 3.jpg



Katai (2017). How Does Banner Advertising Work?. [online] Available from: [Accessed 1 May 2017].




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